Canaku History

Canaku Lodge #511 was the Order of the Arrow Lodge formed in 1955 by the Tahoe Area Council. The Council Headquarters was in Auburn, CA and serviced Boy Scouts living in Placer and Nevada Counties. Canaku hosted Area 12-C Conclaves in 1963 and 1968. The Order of the Arrow started rather late because the Council had the Tribe of Pahatsi (at Camp Pahatsi which started around 1922) as its Honor Camper Society. This Tribe concept had four levels: Brave, Warrior, Medicine Man and Chief.

The Canaku totem was the Acorn; however around 1966 to 1968 no Lodge Flaps were available. In 1968 there was a patch design contest. The Scout Executive wanted the Sugar Pine Cone as the totem (but the Lodge never approved this change) and asked that all patch designs have that on the patch. The last patch is shown below.

In January 1971, the Tahoe Area Council merged with the Golden Empire Council and the Canaku Lodge was merged into Mayi Lodge.

Canaku Lodge Flap