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Lodge Leadership 2023

Lodge Officers
Lodge Chief Noble M. lodgechief@amanginacha.org
Lodge Vice Chief of Program Alex H. program@amanginacha.org
Lodge Secretary Elizabeth R. lodgesecretary@amanginacha.org
Lodge Vice Chief of Inductions Lauren S. inductions@amanginacha.org
Lodge Vice Chief of Camping Noah N. camping@amanginacha.org
Lodge Vice Chief of Ceremonies Noah K. ceremony@amanginacha.org
Lodge Vice Chief of Dance And Drum Eric B. dancedrum@amanginacha.org
Lodge Vice Chief of Finance Ryan J. finance@amanginacha.org
Lodge Vice Chief of Training Vacant training@amanginacha.org
Lodge Vice Chief of NOAC Alex Hall noac@amanginacha.org
Lodge Vigil Chief Matthew K. vigil@amanginacha.org
Past Lodge Chief Evan S.

Lodge Adviser Ron Cowen lodgeadviser@amanginacha.org
Supreme Chief of the Fire James Rhodes-Dreyer james.rhodes-dreyer@scouting.org
Staff Adviser David Hagar david.hagar@scouting.org
Program Adviser Ann Kantola akantola@amanginacha.org
Inductions Adviser Bill Heberger bheberger@amanginacha.org
Camping Adviser Robert Rhymes rhymes@amanginacha.org
Ceremonies Adviser Kevin Mahan mahan@amanginacha.org
Dance and Drum Adviser David Thompson thompson@amanginacha.org
Finance Adviser Steve Anderson anderson@amanginacha.org
Training Adviser Mark Liechty liechty@amanginacha.org
NOAC Adviser Christina Yeung yeung@amanginacha.org
Vigil Adviser Ed Gibson gibson@amanginacha.org
Past Lodge Adviser John Ganaway ganaway@amanginacha.org
Trading Post Manager Terry Tocci ttocci@amanginacha.org
Technology Adviser - OALM Mike Gaffney gaffney@amanginacha.org