Many different events are hosted throughout the year, each by different levels. Some are hosted by the Chapter. Some are held by the Lodge, some by the Section, and sometimes the entire OA hosts national events. Here are the main events that will be held periodically, whether it be every month, or every two years.

The "Calendar" link on the right side of the webpage is the calendar of what is happening at the chapter level. Here is a list of events at the lodge level, and here is a list of events happening at the section and national level. A full lodge calendar (not including chapter activity) can be found here.

Chapter Events

Lodge Events

  • Fall Fellowship

       Fellowships are pure fun. Fellowships are held every year, and every chapter of the lodge comes together for games, competitions, and fun. They are a great way to build friendships across the lodge, because you meet members from all over. Fellowships also give us an opportunity to vote for the next year's lodge officers.

Section Events
  • Conclave

       Conclaves are similar to Fellowships, but take place on a larger scale. Conclaves are Section meets, where all the lodges in a section come together for competitions and trainings. The location of these meets varies from year to year because the lodge in charge of the Conclave rotates between all the member lodges. Conclaves are also the time where we elect Section officers.

National Events
  • NOAC

       NOAC stands for "National Order of the Arrow Conference," and it is exactly what it sounds like. NOAC is the OA version of the National Jamboree, except it isn't nearly as large. They take place (usually) every 2 years, and the location changes with it. I say usually because it can sometimes be changed do to other circumstances. The main events at NOACs are training sessions, where attendees can learn from some of the most knowledgeable instructors in the OA on many different subjects.