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Chapter Positions


    These are the current chapter positions:
Chapter Chief: OPEN
Vice Chief of Programs: OPEN
Vice Chief of Inductions: OPEN
Vice Chief of Communications: OPEN
Vice Chief of Camping & Service: OPEN

Vice Chief of Ceremonies: OPEN

Vice Chief of Dance and Drum: OPEN



Want to hold a chapter leadership position? Here's how: 

    If you are interested in a leadership position, either as a Chapter Chief or Chapter Advisor, please reach out to: lodgeadviser@amanginacha.org.
    Before the end of every year(usually at the October chapter meeting), the chapter elects new Officers for every position. Anyone that wants to serve in a position will become a candidate for that position. The chapter will then vote on the candidates and decide will get that position.
    If you would like to be a chapter officer, you should be active in the chapter, and willing to devote quite a bit of your time serving in a chapter position. If you are the only one applying for the job, you will probably get it. But before deciding which position you would like to take up, you should read these descriptions made by chapter officers about what is is they do, and how much effort and time will be needed to put in for their respective position:


Chapter Chief:
    The Chapter Chief works with the chapter advisor. This position is similar to the SPL for the Troop.


Vice Chief of Programs:
    The VC of Programs ideally organizes 2-3 events outside chapter meetings. They help with program portion of monthly chapter meetings and stand in for the Chapter Chief as needed (This job is similar to the Assistant Patrol Leader in a Troop).


Vice Chief of Inductions:
    The VC of Inductions trains election teams, contacts units to schedule OA elections, collects & submits election results to Lodge, contacts Ordeal candidates to encourage them to attend Ordeal, follow up with Ordeal members to encourage them to convert to Brotherhood status, and helps schedule Brotherhood ceremonies as needed for the chapter.


Vice Chief of Communications:
    The VC of Communications produces articles for the chapter's sections of the Lodge newsletter, is the "voice" of the chapter in communications with chapter members through the group email, and keeps the chapter website updated.


Vice Chief of Camping & Service
    The VC of Camping & Service works with the Placer District Camporee committees and Cub Camp committees to ensure that the chapter is assisting as needed. They find plan service goals and find service opportunities within their chapter to help members live their goal of "cheerful service."


Vice Chief of Ceremonies
    The VC of Indian Affairs works with units to schedule ceremonies as requested (Arrow of Light, Eagle Courts of Honor, Special event items). They work with VC of Program to do AIA training & activities during chapter meetings and at special events. They also help train ceremony teams & dance/drum teams.