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About Amangi Nacha



The Amangi Nacha Lodge is chartered yearly by the National Order of the Arrow "Scouting’s National Honor Society"

Amangi Nacha Lodge was formed in 1993 as the result of the Western Region reorganization and merger of three councils and their OA lodges. Amangi Nacha Lodge serves as Scouting’s National Honor Society for Golden Empire Council.



 Amangi Nacha is governed by a Lodge Executive Committee made up of youth who direct the lodge program, manage the lodge's finances, and organize service projects for the council, camp, and community. Each youth officer or committee chairman is advised by an adult member of the lodge. The LEC is headed by the Lodge Chief.  Each officer of the Lodge Executive Committee has committees which operate under his direction.

The Lodge has 11 Chapters in 11 Districts serving local communities North from Dixon to Shasta County to the  West Plymouth & Nevada City to Woodland.