Lassen Ordeal Weather

This page will be the source of information related to weather concerns for the Lassen Ordeal



We wanted to make sure that everyone is aware of the changing weather and that all who are attending the Ordeal are prepared for bad weather. There is a very high chance of snow.


Make sure you have warm clothes a TARP, water bottle and extra clothes and shoes incase they get wet.


The Ordeal will go on as planned, be careful on your drive up.


To contact Camp Lassen the phone number is 530 873-4961. Remember that cell coverage is nonexistent once you get a few miles outside of Chico on Highway 32.

Be prepared for the weather at Lassen

Friday May 21 - Low 35° feels like 32° High 54° Overcast with a possible showers & Thunderstorms: 29% Chance Precipitation 57% 3hr of Rain
Saturday May 22 – Low 37° feels like 39° High 50° Overcast with a possible showers & Thunderstorms 29% Chance Precipitation 62% 3hr of Rain
Sunday May 23 – Low 41° feels like 42° High 56° Overcast with a possible showers & Thunderstorms 20% Chance Precipitation 20% 3hr of Rain


  • Ordeal Status: Go! The Lassen Ordeal is scheduled to be held. Amangi Nacha Lodge leadership is actively watching the weather and will provide updates