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2016 Ordeals

Ordeal Information




There are 2 Ordeals a year.  If you are a candidate and do not attend one of these Ordeals you will have to be re-elected next year. 

You may attend any Ordeal that you wish. We encouraged that candidates attended the one associated with their District, but it is not required, so if you have a conflict with the date associated with your District, PLEASE attend the one that best fits your schedule.


Check In time is no earlier than 6:30 PM and no later than 8:30 PM Friday evening (NO SATURDAY CHECK-IN)


Check Out & Departure 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Sunday 
(After The Camp is Cleaned Up)


Lodge/Council Vice Chief of Inductions:  Zack Ross ross@amanginacha.org


Lodge/Council Inductions Adviser: Philip Haley   haley@amanginacha.org  916*501*5821


Lodge/Council Order of the Arrow Adviser: Mike Chinn chinn@amanginacha.org  530*672*2233


Date Ordeal Location District Chapter
May 20-22  Camp Lassen Rancho West District, Buttes Area District, Northern Rivers District, Pioneer Express District, Gold Country District Kowaunkamish  Chapter, Maidu Chapter,  Wintun Chapter, Nisenan Chapter, Irekwan Chapter
 June 10-12  Camp Winton
El Dorado District, Trailblazer District, Soaring Eagle District, Discovery District, Amador District, Yolo District, Capital City District,
Kendwit Chapter,  Curahee Chapter,  Amangi V Chapter, Cha-Pa-Di Chapter, Ta Tanka Ska Chapter, Tito Wa Chapter, Amangi Mayi Chapter  
August 26-28 Camp Winton


Notice: Youth / Adult Policy 

To attend OA events ALL attendees must have a copy of their BSA Annual Health and Medical Record  & Release Form (Parts A and B) with them or they can't stay at the event.


This form can be found here:

Don't depend on others YOU'RE responsible and must have a copy with you..