Lodge - 2022 Dues Posted Jan. 12, 2022
Registration in the Order of the Arrow is now available for 2022 and can be bellow in "more information". To attend our exciting events coming in the next year, you must renew your dues. There are two options to renew your dues, you can just renew your membership for $15 or you can prepay for registration for all of our exciting Lodge events for 2022, including two Fellowships, three Ordeals, Takachsin, and the Lodge Dinner, for $120. No matter which option you choose, I hope to see your registration and see you at the many events in the next year.

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Lodge - Amangi Nacha Lodge's Registration Link Posted Jan. 12, 2022
Click on the link to register for any of our activities throughout the year!
More Information Questions - Contact Ron Cowen