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Lodge Leadership

Lodge Officer
Lodge Chief Tyler Tocci tocci@amanginacha.org
Executive Vice Chief Contact The Lodge Chief tocci@amanginacha.org
Vice Chief of Program Connor Ganaway cganaway@amanginacha.org
Vice Chief of Inductions Charlie Lovell clovell@amanginacha.org
Vice Chief of Camping James Alspach alspach@amanginacha.org
Vice Chief of Training Vincent McCarthy mccarthy@amanginacha.org
Assistant Vice Chief of Training Evan Clinton clinton@amanginacha.org
Vice Chief of AIA/Ceremonies Sam Chilimidos chilimidos@amanginacha.org
Vice Chief of AIA/Dance & Drum James Carlson carlson@amanginacha.org
Past Lodge Chief Ryan Thomure thomure@amanginacha.org

Lodge Adviser
Lodge Adviser John Ganaway ganaway@amanginacha.org
Supreme Chief of the Fire Chuck Brasfeild Chuck.Brasfeild@scouting.org
Staff Adviser Laura Lovell Laura.Lovell@scouting.org
Deputy Lodge Adviser Don Wersky wersky@amanginacha.org
Finance Adviser Steve Anderson anderson@amanginacha.org
Technology - OALM Adviser Mike Gaffney gaffney@amanginacha.org
Program Adviser Bill Heberger bheberger@amanginacha.org
Inductions Adviser William Granger granger@amanginacha.org
Camping Adviser Ed Gibson gibson@amanginacha.org
AIA/Ceremonies Adviser Mark Liechty liechty@amanginacha.org
AIA/Dance & Drum Adviser David Thompson thompson@amanginacha.org
Training Adviser Bob Moneymaker moneymaker@amanginacha.org
Trading Post Adviser Terry Tocci ttocci@amanginacha.org
Vigil Adviser John Ganaway ganaway@amanginacha.org