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Camp Lassen Ordeal

 Notice: Youth / Adult Policy 


To attend OA events ALL attendees must have a copy of their BSA Annual Health and Medical Record (Parts A and B) with them or they can't stay at the event.


Don't depend on others; YOU'RE responsible and must have a copy with you.


Candidate Check-In time is no earlier than 5:30 PM and no later than 7:30 PM Friday evening (NO SATURDAY CHECK-IN)


July 17 - 19, 2020

Mail-in Registration Deadline July 10, 2020 9:00PM

Online Registration Deadline July 15, 2020 9:00PM



Contact Information

Lodge/Council Vice Chief of Inductions: Robbie Trygstad Trygstad@amanginacha.org

Lodge/Council Inductions Adviser: Dale Rohlfing Rohlfing@amanginacha.org

Lodge/Council Chief: Charlie Lovell lodgechief@amanginacha.org

Lodge/Council Order of the Arrow Adviser: John Ganaway LodgeAdviser@amanginacha.org

M 707-410-6221

Lodge Staff Adviser/Council Director of Camp & Properties: Laura Lovell  Laura.Lovell@scouting.org 

M 530-770-1152 


Chapter/District Contacts 

Lodge Contacts



Instructions for the Ordeal Registration


Along with a copy of your Yearly BSA Medical Exam, If you are already a member of the Order of the Arrow you must have your current membership dues paid.  If not then you can pay them online through the Lodge website or bring your dues to the ordeal.


When Registering for the ordeal there are several registration options.  Here is a clarification of the those options:

    1. If you have recently been elected to the Order of the Arrow then you are considered a Candidate. The cost for the ordeal is $55 which covers the OA sash, OA Pocket flap, OA Pocket Device, Handbook, National & Lodge dues through the end of the current year, food, etc.
  1. A Member is a person who has already gone through an ordeal. The costs for the ordeal is $20 which covers food.
  2. A Brotherhood Candidate is a Member who has completed their Ordeal more than 6 months ago. The cost for a new Brotherhood sash is $18. 
  3. Make sure you have checked the deadline registration date for the ordeal you are planning to attend as there is a $20 late fee if the registration is not turned in or submitted on time.
  4. If you submit your registration online and choose not to pay by credit card and do not send your payment to the council and you choose to pay on site then there will be an additional $5 fee added.


How to Register for the Lassen Ordeal


Through the Council Secure website you can register for an Ordeal and pay using your Visa or Master Card.  You can also commit to the ordeal and send offline forms needed to register for the ordeal. If you do not want to pay online you will find it much easier to fill out the online forms and either print out and send your registration fees to the Sacramento Service Center, but if you pay on-site there will be additional fees added.

Registration link for Candidates and Members for the Lassen Ordeal

Information and what to bring if you are a newly elected Candidate and have not gone through an Ordeal

Information and what to bring if current of the OA member and have already gone through an Ordeal